Noteworthy at Warren Village

Esther’s Story

EstherI was in high school and living at home with my parents when I found out I was pregnant. Soon after my son Dietrich was born, my parents told me I needed to leave their home. After a short period as a live-in nanny and an attempt at living with Dietrich’s father, I found a new home and a new start at Warren Village.

When I received the call that an apartment at Warren Village was available, I could immediately feel the change coming on. Once everything was moved in, Dietrich walked in, lied in the bed and fell asleep. Home was long overdue.

Once settled, I applied for college and TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) benefits to enroll Dietrich in the Learning Center. Dietrich is now almost three and he is enrolled in the Greta Horwitz Learning Center at Warren Village. I’ve noticed that his vocabulary has increased dramatically and his social skills have improved. Before, he didn’t talk much and therefore didn’t play with other kids that often. Now, he has friends and engages in play and class time regularly.

Community has come to mean a great deal to me at Warren Village. I didn’t know there was an option that could make going back to school so feasible and I didn’t know about the community that would form my new support system. Everyone who works at Warren Village works with the residents closely and actually cares. The family advocates here check in regularly and offer advice; they are very helpful and caring.

Having started school in fall 2010, I am now working on my nursing degree with a full scholarship. Dietrich’s vocabulary has improved dramatically and his social skills have improved since starting in the Learning Center. There is still a long road ahead, but with the skills and the supportive people I have found at Warren Village, I know I can make it.


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