Early Care & Education

Early Care & Education

Greta Horwitz Learning Center

High quality early care and education improves the health and developmental outcomes for children in poverty and has a positive impact on their school readiness skills.  That’s why we make sure each child who comes through our Greta Horwitz Learning Center receives a quality education, is challenged to meet developmental benchmarks, and develops a love of learning.

Quality Education

The Greta Horwitz Learning Center is nationally accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children—an honor held by less than one percent of centers statewide.


Our learning center serves children from six weeks through 10 years of age. Families who are residents of Warren Village have priority for enrollment; alumni and community children are welcome to enroll in the learning center if space is available.


The learning center’s curriculum addresses all areas of a child’s development. Our program is designed to promote healthy physical growth; social, intellectual and emotional development; language skills; self-help skills; creativity; and critical thinking in each child.


Students in the Learning Center are served breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack prepared by our on-site chef.  Our meals provide for 2/3 of a child’s daily nutritional requirements and are healthy and nutritious, offering a balance of meats, dairy, and fresh produce daily.


Providing high quality care and education starts with a well-trained staff.  We maintain a low teacher to child ratio and 50% of our teachers hold a BA in Education and another 50% have early childhood education credits.

Learning Center Volunteers

Regular volunteers include students from Regis High School and volunteers from the Volunteers of America’s Foster Grandparent program. (All regular volunteers must undergo the same background screening as staff)

Want to make a difference in a child’s education? Call 303-320-5002 or email bdabb@warrenvillage.org today to volunteer in the Learning Center.



For questions about enrolling your child in the learning center, please contact LiShanna at 303-320-5035 or llangley@warrenvillage.org

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