President & CEO Letter

Committed to Transforming Lives and Improving Futures

Dear Friends and Supporters of Warren Village,Ethan Hemming Profile Pic

Thank you for being a critical part of our work to improve the opportunities for low-income, single parents and their children to change their lives’ trajectories! We are excited to share with you some of our accomplishments, events and challenges. I am heartened by the collective power of this community. Truly, without you, this work would not go forward!

It’s an honor to be at the helm of such a well-respected and exemplary organization that has stood the test of time for 44 years. It’s been awe-inspiring to become immersed in this opportunity to create solutions for the challenges of family poverty and homelessness. I am arriving at a much clearer understanding of how it truly takes a community to transform lives and to loosen the vice-grip of generational poverty. More and more, I appreciate the holistic, multi-generational approach that Warren Village takes to supporting families as they work towards becoming self-sufficient: by providing safe and affordable housing, comprehensive educational and career guidance for adults—and by providing nurturing and caring early education at the Greta Horwitz Learning Center while parents are working hard to change their trajectory.

We recently convened our Board for a strategic planning retreat and I can happily report that it was a day that exceeded its aims and successfully connected, engaged and leveraged the strength of our Board in setting the strategic goals to guide us for the next three years. More detail on our strategic path ahead can be found on our website, but our high-level goals target improvements in quality of outcomes achieved by our residents during their stay with us, increasing achievement in our learning center and maximizing our organization’s operational efficiency. There is palpable energy and commitment to the pursuit of quality and opportunity as Warren Village embarks on the next phase in its evolution.

We invite you to dig into our website and discover some of the amazing accomplishments we see every day here with our residents and their children. We invite you to understand their world a bit more and see what our service model is doing to uplift this part of our community. We hope you find inspiration in their stories and see the very real connection between their success and your support.

Let me again thank you and ask for your continued participation in our efforts to support those committed residents and families as they take this opportunity to improve their lives.





Ethan Hemming
President and CEO