Alumni Association

Alumni Association Overview


Even after moving on from Warren Village and moving forward with their lives, many of our former residents maintain a relationship with us through the Warren Village Alumni Association. Members of the Association meet every month and are committed to the mission of Warren Village through ongoing support, volunteer activities and fundraising programs. The goals of the Association include:

    • Promoting the continuing success of Association members
    • Sharing success stories with current and future residents, as well as with the community
    • Supporting current residents through volunteer efforts and/or financial contributions

Membership Benefits

    • Subscription to an informative Alumni Association newsletter
    • Attendance at adult evening classes with child care provided
    • Access to Family Services for assistance with job or house search, or resource referral
    • Support through membership networking at Association meetings
    • Enjoyment of special Alumni Association functions, such as parties, picnics and more
    • Participation in the annual Warren Village Holiday Shop
    • Exclusive invitations to sports events, movies and other member activities as well as participation in holiday basket programs and special offers throughout the year
    • Eligibility for sponsorship of scholarships to pursue higher education
    • Qualification for short-term emergency child care assistance when available

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Membership Requirements

All former residents of Warren Village in good financial standing are considered to be alumni. To qualify as an Active Alumni Association member, individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • Attend three general meetings of the Association, complete ten hours of volunteer service at Warren Village and pay a $30 membership fee


  • Attend three general meetings or three committee meetings of the Association and complete 20 hours of community service (10 hours must be at Warren Village, 10 hours may be completed elsewhere)

The deadline to meet annual requirements is October 31st.

Membership Registration

If you are a Warren Village Program Graduate or have been involved with Warren Village in the past, you may request Alumni Association materials or inquire about active membership please contact