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Sixpenny, LLC Supports Warren Village College to Career Programsixpenny-logo

We’re excited to announce that Sixpenny has selected Warren Village as their inaugural impact partner.

Sixpenny, a high-end furniture company, knew that Warren Village would be a great impact companion when they learned about our College-to-Career program—an innovative collaboration that propels parents into sustainable careers where they can earn a living wage. The organization connects parents to workforce training programs that teach the skills necessary to maintain jobs that provide family-sustaining wages.

The College-to-Career curriculum is rigorous and participating parents are extremely dedicated to their studies, but the current learning environment is an uninspired landscape of folding tables and plastic chairs. While Warren Village dedicates their resources to the most important components of learning—the people and the curriculum—Sixpenny is set on transforming the educational space into one that matches the enthusiasm and hard work of the parents.



Gretchen Gagel’s Book – 8 Steps to Being a Great Working Mom – $1 Donated to Warren Village for Each Book Sold

It’s a “must read” and an insightful look into the strength and power of working moms.  8 Steps to Being a Great Working Mom, by Gretchen Gagel, is a movement. We may not be perfect moms – but we are GREAT moms!  This book give practical tips and advice to all parents, but especially working moms, about how to juggle the many roles we have in life and feel good about our success as a parent. Each chapter ends with exercises designed to help ensure that the reader can put these tips to use, as well as “Sanity Savers” – key ideas from each chapter.

Gretchen has agreed to donate $1 from each book sold to Warren Village.  You’ll discover that Gretchen highlights some of our working moms who are residents at Warren Village.

Get the book:



The Reclaimed Pallet donates 10% of sales to Warren Village

We are excited to announce the recent partnership between The Reclaimed Pallet, an Etsy shop featuring reclaimed wood art, (https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheReclaimedPallet) is generously donating 10% to Warren Village!

Haley Bagan, artist and owner of The Reclaimed Pallet, had the opportunity to work in the Learning Center for a summer in high school and can attest to our dedication to our mission!  Thanks Haley for your support!

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