Strategic Goals & Initiatives

Empowered / Thriving “Program Participants”

Improve the quality of outcomes achieved by our program participants in the areas of college/vocational attainment, earning power, life-skill development, and ongoing housing stability following completion of the program.

  1. Develop and implement a “wellness initiative” for adult residents.
  2. Evaluate and develop relevant / meaningful agency partnerships.
  3. Evaluate additional program time extensions for students.
  4. Clearly define short and long term measures of success.


Elevated Learning Center Achievement

Improve the quality of outcomes in the Learning Center as measured by increased TSG scores, full State compliance, appropriate additional accreditation, quality adult-child relationships, and decreased teacher turnover.

  1. Increase the recruitment and retention of quality teachers.
  2. Augment teacher training regarding assessment, positive adult-child relationships, and instruction.


Maximized Organizational Efficiency

Strengthen Warren Village’s operational, financial and community branding.

  1. Implement Learning Organization Practices (evidence-based evaluation and supports organization-wide).
  2. Evaluate the philanthropic culture of Warren Village.
  3. Maintain a strong financial position for the organization as measured by industry standard ratios.
  4. Broaden Warren Village brand awareness overall & with targeted audiences.
  5. Determine the best option for effective and sustainable facility expansion in response to demand.