Get to Know Us: Lyncy Yang, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager

Meet Lyncy Yang, Warren Village’s Equity and Inclusion Manager. She will be working with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, executive leadership team, and staff to create a workplace where every team member feels valued, heard, and seen.


Why is equity and inclusion such an important part of the workplace?

From a workforce perspective, diversity of people and perspectives in inclusive workplaces fosters more creativity and innovation—leading to effective solutions and ideas. It helps attract and retain talent and foster a positive work culture, which allows folks to be more satisfied with their jobs and life outside of work. From a customer/client perspective, inclusivity leads to higher client satisfaction. It also opens opportunities to reduce the chances of bias and discrimination, allowing us to meet our mission alongside our community members. 


Why did you choose to work in nonprofit and/or equity and inclusion?

I’ve always gravitated towards community-based work. I decided to work in the nonprofit sector with a focus on equity and inclusion due to the transformative power of authenticity in my own life. As a Hmong American woman, I’ve navigated the “in-between” spaces within various areas of my life and community. This has afforded me the opportunity to practice self-reflection, and better understand myself and others’ lived experiences and the ways systems and organizations impact them. 


What changes do you hope to see within Warren Village because of your work/role?

At Warren Village, we aspire to make equity and inclusion intrinsic to our work, culture, and practices. Our commitment is not just in words; it’s also in deliberate action. We are a learning organization, and acknowledge that we are all still learning on this journey. I hope that as we continue DEI work, our staff and community will continue to grow together. The initial step we’re taking is to spend time learning more deeply about intercultural difference and how this plays a role in how we resolve conflict, engage in groupwork and meetings, communicate with one another, and fulfill our work together. I hope through coaching, training, sharing resources, and strategizing an effective learning and development plan, everyone at Warren Village will be able to apply a DEI lens in their work with one another, our residents, and the community.


How do you hope to connect with staff members?

My ambitious goal is to meet with everyone before my first quarter is over, getting to know their backgrounds, hopes, and goals for our work together. I think breaking bread is so important for forming authentic connection, so I hope to be able to share more meals and drinks with folks here at the organization to connect with staff members, and play alongside them!

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