Serena’s Story

It’s something majority of us take for granted. The thought of not having one rarely, if ever, crosses our minds. But can you imagine the ramifications of not having a steady place to call home? This is a problem the majority of residents at Warren Village have faced. Serena Cuevas is one of these residents. Serena has classified herself as ‘homeless’ in the past, due to her lack of a steady living situation. From the time Serena was young, a transient style of living became the norm. From shelters to foster care, a steady place to call home was never known to her. Even once placed with a foster family, Serena eventually aged out the system and was back to a constantly shifting environment. All of this changed once Serena moved into Warren Village. A steady place to call ‘home’, child care for her son, and (most importantly of all) a supportive environment designed to enable them both in their personal growth were all available and waiting. Her son was finally introduced to an environment where he could interact and grow with other children his age. “His social skills have really improved – before he was never around other kids. It surprises me the things he is learning” says Serena. Serena herself has grown and started to explore interests and areas previously unavailable to her. On top of working a part time job and attending life skills classes at Warren Village, she also is currently enrolled at CCD pursuing a degree in medical administration. This growth and these opportunities were made available to Serena through the Warren Village organization. It’s stories like hers that help to make the history and foundation upon which Warren Village builds its name.
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