Andrea’s Story

Andrea and Penelope“There was a point in time when I was feeling lost and hopeless. Warren Village changed all that for me.” Not long after the birth of her daughter Penelope, Andrea realized that her unhealthy living situation needed a change. Andrea, who from a young age had always gravitated towards medicine, was in the middle of completing an intensive nursing school program when she remembered hearing about Warren Village through a friend. Even with the help of Penelope’s father, the cost of rent in Denver had been steadily climbing which made it nearly impossible for Andrea to support her daughter Penelope as a single mom and college student. Andrea applied to the program, was accepted, and she and Penelope were able to call Warren Village home. “I cried for two hours the day I signed my lease,” recounts Andrea, it was just such a relief to have the support I needed.”

Andrea knuckled down and was able to focus on completing her rigorous nursing school program. The most challenging aspect was the long and sometimes very early morning and late night working hours. Penelope was enrolled in the Learning Center, and fellow Warren Village moms helped provide additional support and childcare for Penelope. It was during her time in school that teachers discovered that Penelope was experiencing some hearing difficulties, not long after Penelope received hearing aids and additional educational services to accommodate her learning. Since then, she has begun to flourish and has developed close relationships with her peers and teachers. Andrea was able to complete her nursing school program and has since accepted a job in the intensive care unit at a local Hospital. Andrea knows that her hard work and determination paid off, but she also gives credit to the support system that Warren Village provided.  Andrea and Penelope have since moved and are beginning a new chapter, but Penelope still attends the Learning Center. To her and Andrea, it’s a place that will always feel like home.

Fast forward: Andrea was chosen by lottery to purchase a new build town home through the Colorado Community Land Trust!

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