Annette’s Story

Even though she had the support of family in helping to raise her young daughter Zaidah, Annette realized that it was time to create an environment of her own where she could make healthy boundaries and responsible decisions. Having spent the last twelve years steadily working towards getting her bachelor’s degree, Annette’s cousin told her about Warren Village, and the support they provide for young mothers and children.  Annette applied and she and her daughter were accepted into the program. Determined to finish her education, Annette has taken advantage of almost all the services and support the program has to offer, and is planning on graduation this May with a BA in communications from CU Denver. “I want to pursue advocacy work,” she explains. “I want to work with young mothers and their children; I have dreams of setting up a mentorship program at Warren Village in the future.” The possibilities are truly endless. Annette, who is passionate and unwavering, wants not only build a more stable life for her and her young daughter, but also give back and help others.

Annette has maintained a relationship with her family and explained that she has learned a lot about healthy boundaries and is applying that to her life. Her daughter Zaidah is enrolled in the learning center and has been thriving. She has a close relationship to her teachers and peers and has begun to blossom over the school year. Together, Annette and Zaidah have received the guidance they were in need of, and the skills necessary to reach their dreams, all made possible by the dedication and hard work of Warren Village and its community. The sky really is the limit.

Fast forward: Annette is working as a Support Service Specialist at Volunteers of America!

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