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Becky’s Story

For the last two and a half years, Becky has held the position of professional juggler. She has been balancing career, school, raising two children on her own while their father lives overseas, improving her credit score, studying for and becoming a U.S. citizen, and making her mental health a priority. In February of 2021,

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Jada’s Story

I never considered myself to be much of a speaker. I never considered myself to be much of anything at all really. An inspiration, someone to look up to, anything like that. I spent many years alone in various rooms, whether that was at my father’s house with a small baby in my arms, at a

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Subscription Giving

Summit [ suhm-it ] noun 1. Achievement, top, apex – the topmost level attainable2. The economic and personal independence that Warren Village residents work toward every day3. Members of Warren Village’s subscription giving program Become a Summit Member Support Warren Village through our monthly subscription giving program and help us sustain the vital programs and resources

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Season of Giving

Season of Giving As the year comes to a close, there are many opportunities to support Warren Village during this season of giving. Make a monetary donation to Warren Village for Colorado Gives Day or to our year-end campaign to support the essential programs and resources we provide to single-parent families. Become a Summit Member of

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