Jackie’s Story

Growing up, Jackie didn’t have role models in her life. She was unsure of her future and didn’t have her mind on any set goals. She lived day-by-day not worried about where her life would lead. While her parents tried their best, Jackie was exposed to verbal and mental abuse, which ultimately impacted her self-esteem and mental health. Feeling lost and on an aimless path, Jackie found herself pregnant her junior year of high school and dropped out.

Becoming pregnant at such a young age put life into perspective. Knowing she needed to provide a good life for her daughter, Jackie began studying to pass her GED. While she was able to pass three tests on her own, the math portion proved a bit harder; she turned to social media for advice on affordable tutoring services. That’s when she was introduced to Hope House, a program that provides GED tutoring. Jackie was finally able to reflect on her life and relationships and realized her relationship with her family needed to change, she needed to get away from the abusive relationship she had with her baby’s father and she needed a place of her own to heal and have the opportunity to raise her daughter differently.

In 2018, Jackie and her daughter, Aaliyah, moved into Warren Village. With the help of Warren Village Family Advocates, Jackie got on the path to success. Attending Life Skills Classes, she learned to be self-aware and patient, she gained skills to communicate and parent her daughter, and she set goals to continue to better herself. She has also been in college for two years working toward a career in nursing through Warren Village’s College to Career Program.

Reflecting on her life before Warren Village, Jackie thought she’d be working odd jobs to provide for her daughter, but now, she is proud to be a first-generation college student with her eyes on the prize of becoming a nurse. Most importantly, she is extremely proud to be the mama of a vibrant, assertive, sweet, 3-year old and to be growing and thriving as a parent.

Jackie continues to embrace every opportunity Warren Village offers and is grateful to those who continue to challenge her and advocate for her and Aaliyah.

“When I think about leaving Warren Village it is very sad because I feel like it’s become a home for me and I’ve done a lot of good things here. The thought of being out there on my own is a little scary, but I will forever be grateful to Warren Village for being a huge support in my life.”

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