Jessica’s Story

Jessica was a vibrant high school student living in Sterling, Colorado. She enjoyed learning and envisioned a successful future, complete with a bachelor’s degree, financial stability, and a beautiful family. In 2012 her mother passed away, and Jessica moved in with her sister to finish high school.

Jessica continued on to college, and while thriving in her studies, she found herself in a number of unstable living conditions. An unaffordable apartment that left her in debt and homeless. A traumatic family situation that she had to escape. Then she unexpectedly became pregnant. A domestic violence incident shortly after left her worried for her unborn baby, so Jessica picked up and fled the situation, searching for help.

She knew she wanted more for herself and her baby and she vowed to fight for it. Jessica enrolled in the Nurse-Family Partnership program and received assistance from a nurse home visitor as she navigated her way through pregnancy. And then she learned about Warren Village.

After moving into Warren Village and with the help of her family advocate, Jessica quickly began working on realizing her goals: providing a stable home for her soon-to-be daughter, paying off debt, and continuing her education. She embraced every opportunity, Life Skills Class, and resource available to her. She delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Janelle, who is now growing up in a strong and supportive environment in our Learning Center.

Jessica has achieved amazing success during her time at Warren Village. She approaches every goal with great fervor. She is a strong woman—raising her daughter and persevering through life to achieve that successful future she envisioned so many years ago.

“Living at Warren Village gives me the freedom to focus on my goals and stop worrying about my family’s survival. I’m rooting for all the other women who I’ve encountered here and can only hope that their lives will be impacted as positively as mine.”

Fast forward: During her two years at Warren Village Jessica paid off her debt, completed an internship with MotherWise, and graduated in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in human services. She now has a great job working with Denver Human Services in their child support division. And, she already has her sights set on a master’s degree. Jessica also serves as a Peer Resource Navigator with our Alumni Engagement Network helping other alumni.

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