Partnership with Tennyson Center for Children Helps Expand Warren Village’s Wellness Initiative

In an effort to bolster and strengthen our mental health and wellness supports, we are finding ways to provide our families with even more care and assistance as they embark on their journey towards self-sufficiency. One way we are doing this is through a collaborative partnership with the Tennyson Center for Children, that provides an on-site mental health clinician. Lauren Scott will be working at Warren Village part-time and we wanted to learn more about Lauren’s role and how the Tennyson partnership will help to expand our Wellness Initiative:

WV: What is your role at the Tennyson Center, and how will that role translate into the partnership at Warren Village?

LS: I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with Tennyson’s Community-Based Program, and I provide support and mental health treatment for kids and families. I am excited to bring my experience with in-home therapeutic services to help kids and families thrive and keep kids and families together. I aim to provide services that facilitate stronger relationships between parents and kids and reduce stress and behavioral challenges that can have a significant impact in the future.

WV: What do you envision for the partnership, and how it will improve mental health and wellness supports at Warren Village?

LS: Our overall goal is helping families break cycles of trauma and abuse so that the next generation can experience their fullest potential. Through the partnership with Warren Village, we will target attachment, behavioral needs, and mental health challenges in a preventative way to allow kids to be successful in their families, school and relationships.

WV: What are you most excited for in working at Warren Village?

LS: I am most excited about joining a community that supports, cares, and empowers kids and families to make positive changes and give back to those around them. I am inspired by the resilience and courage of the families who have survived difficult situations and circumstances and are bettering their lives and their family’s lives every day.

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