Chelsie’s Story

Chelsie and her children, Serenity and Jacson, arrived at Warren Village in April of 2015. At the risk of becoming homeless, Chelsie chose to leave her husband—who was physically and emotionally abusive—when Serenity was 12 months old and she was pregnant with Jacson. She desperately wanted her children to live in a safer and healthier environment, and to know that they deserve better. Chelsie had held a responsible position at an IT company, but was making a fraction of her earning potential because she did not have a college degree. As a result, she was working longer hours to make up the difference but was just scraping by. She is extremely bright and wanted to go to college, but it felt like an unattainable goal with two small children and no stable place to live. Chelsie was overwhelmed by the ambiguity of her life, and the stress of feeling constantly overloaded took a toll on her health. Her children sensed her stress and became anxious and insecure. Chelsie was ultimately hospitalized for complications from pneumonia. Both of her children were repeatedly sick as well. They eventually found themselves homeless after she lost her job due to too many absences resulting from their illnesses. Her mother allowed her to temporarily rent a room in her house, but she and her kids needed a place to call home. At Warren Village, Chelsie’s health is improving now that her life stresses are subsiding. She is enrolled in our College-to-Career program working towards a degree in Computer Information Systems. With guidance from her Family Advocate, she secured grants that will enable her to earn her degree debt-free. Serenity now age 4 and Jacson age 3 are thriving at our Learning Center, and Chelsie has true peace of mind knowing they are in good hands while she focuses on her studies. Chelsie is determined to continue making choices that benefit the well-being and future of her family.
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