Habab’s Story

Habab, her husband, and their young daughter Leanne were living a comfortable life in Seattle, when her world was suddenly turned upside down. Very shortly before the birth of her second baby, Habab’s husband abruptly abandoned his family. In the weeks that followed, Habab lost almost everything and found herself living in crowded quarters with her toddler, newborn, and other relatives in Michigan. Facing the toughest situation of her life, Habab gathered her strength and traveled to Denver. Her husband was there living with an aunt and Habab hoped that a reconciliation could be reached. It was not, and Habab was left to deal with a terrifying scenario.

Difficult situations often bring about untapped strength and potential. Habab quickly and wisely began looking into housing options and support for herself and daughters. Through an internet search she found Warren Village. Habab quickly applied to the program, her application was accepted, and Habab and her girls found a place to call home. “It was more than I ever expected,” she explains. “I had lost everything. My entire life changed. When I moved in, I didn’t even have a cup to drink out of. It was just me and my kids.” Ambitious and determined to provide for her family, Habab began taking classes at Warren Village and started learning everything she could about her rights as a citizen and single parent. With a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Sudan, Habab was able to start taking classes at Colorado Technical University in pursuit of master’s of science in information technology. Her daughters Leanne and Jana are enrolled in the Learning Center and are making amazing strides.

Little by little, Habab has begun to process the confusing and anguishing situation she was put in, and the loss of everything she had to leave behind. The ordeal she endured was painful, but she also realizes that the experience has made her stronger and empowered. “I’ve changed a lot over the past few years. I had so much anger in me, but I took this anger and I channeled it into my studies.” Habab credits her family advocate for helping her to paint a clearer picture of her life and all the things she wants to achieve. In June of 2019, Habab graduated from the Colorado Technical University with a Master’s Degree in System & Information Technology.  “Nothing will hold me back now, I am going to support my kiddos, and make a good life for us. Warren Village has helped me to do that.”

Fast forward: Upon leaving Warren Village, Habab received a paid internship with a company in her field and recently accepted a full-time, salaried position with the company.

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