Jasmine’s Story

Much of the important work we do at Warren Village is focused around the idea of empowering our parents and children to strive for their best life. It is not always easy, but once discovered, empowerment can transform a family.

A perfect example of this is our resident parent, Jasmine, who arrived at Warren Village with her two young daughters in October 2015.

Born and raised in Tennessee, Jasmine came from a life of homelessness, all beginning with her mother’s drug addiction. Despite challenges, she never gave up, but Jasmine could not escape the clutches of poverty. At 25, she was solely supporting two young girls by working two jobs and enrolling in online school. However, with no access to child support, Jasmine slowly fell behind on rent, and things began to fall apart.

In 2015, with no money and no hope, Jasmine knew she had to make a change. She took control of her life and began a new chapter with her children at Warren Village.

Upon arrival, Jasmine’s confidence was at an all-time low. She felt that she had already failed. But, with the help of her Family Advocate, Jasmine gradually came out of her shell. “Once I saw that people cared about my progress, I felt like I could care about it for myself.”

Today, Jasmine is enrolled in Warren Village’s College to Career program and is pursuing a degree in Human Services. She holds a position with 9 to 5 Colorado, and also attends onsite cooking classes, participates in a resident leadership group, and volunteers with AmeriCorps. Her life is busy, and there are hard days, but she has never felt better about herself.

“I feel like a new person– like I’ve taken responsibility for my life, and taken my power back.”