Kaila’s Story

At 19 years old, Kaila was struggling to secure stable housing with her two children after committing to her sobriety. She was looking for a place where she could be surrounded by supportive people in an environment that offered structure to her life. Kaila found that Warren Village would offer her the guidance of a Family Advocate and a safe home where her son could be returned to her care from his foster placement. Within two months of her moving in, Kaila’s three-year-old son, Claiton, was permanently reunited with her and her daughter, Delaini. At Warren Village she found in-home services to help with the transition of being a family unit again. Recently, Kaila celebrated her two-year sobriety, has completed food services training at the Work Options for Women program, and is currently employed at a four-star restaurant on the 16th Street Mall. Kaila’s journey is inspiring as she reaches her sobriety milestones and achieves her dream of becoming an LPN in an assisted living community. She is motivated by taking one day at a time and appreciates the support from Warren Village staff and community. Claiton and Delaini are enrolled in our nationally-accredited Learning Center, and are meeting developmental and early learning goals. For Kaila, the last three years have been full of hurdles, but she believes that she can truly live for today, knowing that her family is together and that she can keep moving forward. Kaila reflects on her Warren Village journey, “I’m so grateful for the supportive Warren Village community. I’m inspired by what I see here every day. I honestly don’t know where I would be without the help and guidance of such an amazing community and committed staff of Family Advocates.”
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