Martha’s Story

It was a difficult, but necessary decision for Martha – taking her young son and leaving her husband. Martha worried for their safety when her husband’s increased drinking led to domestic violence. With her extended family in Nebraska, Martha temporarily lived with her in-laws and then with a friend. Martha was referred to Warren Village by Safehouse Denver. After being on the waiting list for six months, she and her son moved in. “Once I moved all my stuff into my apartment, I felt a sense of warmth and comfort. It was such a relief and just felt like home,” Martha says. “With my family away in Nebraska, it’s wonderful to have such a warm family-setting at Warren Village.” Martha’s three-year-old son Brayden was enrolled in the Learning Center where she says he developed a lot socially and academically. “The Learning Center is amazing! He receives so much love and support from his teachers.” Although Martha works full-time as a stylist at a salon, she knew she couldn’t truly move forward until her debt was paid off. With the help of Olga, one of the Personal Finance Coaches from mpowered who works on-site at Warren Village, Martha has been able to pay off thousands of dollars in debt, improve her credit score, and is now developing a plan to build an emergency fund. Martha is grateful for her time at Warren Village. “It’s really helpful to have the family advocates give you support and provide so many resources. They are helping me regain my independence and achieve my goals.”
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