Monte’s Story

The importance of having a support system for both the child and parent goes beyond what can be described with words. Monte Armstrong understands the value of this structure all too well. Monte came to Warren Village, after moving to Colorado from Georgia in order to escape the influence of her ex-boyfriend. It was through her father that she became familiar with the opportunities at Warren Village. The possibility to explore and pursue things she had previously dreamed of attracted her to the program and offered a future she had previously thought unattainable. Monte’s son was just one-year-old when they moved into the residence. While living at Warren Village, Monte and her son grew and flourished with the support system available through the life skill classes, the learning center and the amazing community of support. Monte says of her time here: “The programs at Warren Village are great! You really have to be self-motivated. The best part of being at Warren Village is the network of people. The advocates and families living there provide so much support; they are really like your extended family.” A wonderful resulting aspect of the Warren Village community is how so many of the previous residents who go on to be alumni, turn around and serve the community that once served them. Monte is an example of this as well. Monte (still currently a member of the alumni association) says: “I enjoyed my time at Warren Village and the things I’ve taken with me I want to share with others. I enjoy being able to give back knowing my time and effort is worthwhile.” Because of Warren Village, Monte and her son have now both gone on to experience and lead lives once thought unavailable. Monte completed a dual degree in Public Health and Sociology and her son Jamal is prospering in school. Educating, supporting and enabling parents and their children to go after their dreams is what helps make Warren Village the unique community that it is.
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