Precious’ Story

At just 10 years old, Precious’ life was turned upside down when authorities removed her from her home due to her mother’s drug addiction. In foster care, Precious struggled to find stability – living in over 50 homes in three years.

Having never learned from positive adult role models, Precious got involved with the wrong crowd as a young teen, and ended up in a juvenile detention center until she was emancipated from the system at 18 years old. Some of those teenage decisions would follow her into adulthood, and made it difficult for her to find an employer or secure housing.

Moving between shelters and her mother’s apartment, Precious experienced bad relationships and domestic violence – she was lost. When she became pregnant with her son Tafari, everything changed. Precious knew she had to provide a stable, nurturing environment for her little boy – something she wished she’d had growing up. As a first step, Precious enrolled in the Community College of Denver and began envisioning a different life.

When Precious and one-year-old Tafari arrived at Warren Village, “It was like walking into a castle, I just couldn’t believe the small things like the refrigerator.” she said. “I didn’t have to get food on the go; I could actually make a meal and keep leftovers in my fridge, in my apartment.”

Once Precious and Tafari felt safe and at home at Warren Village, she realized there was much more work to do. Initially, she was wary of the mental health supports recommended by her Family Advocate. However, she knew that she would not be able to move forward without addressing the traumas of her past. She began therapy and saw positive changes in all areas of her life. In addition, Precious worked with a financial coach from mpowered to make a plan for her future financial success. She had never thought about her credit before that first meeting, and now knows how important it is to achieving her ultimate dream of owning a home for her and her son.

Tafari is excelling in the Learning Center, having worked through some speech and behavioral issues with our onsite Mental Health Consultant.

Precious knows there is lots of work left to be done, but Warren Village has helped to empower her to face any obstacle that comes her way.

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