Savanna’s Story

We all walk a unique life path, and for those of us who are strong willed and self-sufficient, asking for help can sometimes be difficult. However, with the impending arrival of her son Leander, Savanna knew that in order to provide the best care possible for her son, she would need to establish a stronger support system. She found the stability she needed when she was accepted into Warren Village when she was 5 months pregnant. Without help from Leander’s father, Savanna received the support she needed from her family advocate and fellow residents who helped her prepare for the birth of her son. Savanna experienced a high-risk pregnancy and went into labor six weeks early. Leander whose been dubbed “The Warren Village Baby”, faced some health complications and required oxygen during his first few weeks of life. “Having a baby can be challenging; having a sick baby is even more difficult,” recalls Savanna, “but the support my son and I have received has been amazing.”

Currently Leander and his mother are both happy, healthy, and thriving. Leander is enrolled in the program’s Learning Center, and has developed a special bond with his teacher Maria. With a strong a passion and desire to give back to the community, Savanna is working steadily towards obtaining her para-medicine degree and interning with the Aurora Fire Department as an EMT. “It’s not what I thought I’d be doing, but I love it. It feels nice to make a difference in somebody’s life.” For the time being, Warren Village will continue to be home for Leander and Savanna as they both continue to grow and flourish together. If there is a simple lesson to be learned it’s that all mothers need help and support, and the community and relationships built at Warren Village help make this possible.

Fast forward: Savanna moved to Utah with her fiancé and is halfway to completing her B.S. in paramedicine and disaster management. The family is also in the beginning stages of buying their first home, and Leander is thriving!

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