Savannah’s Story

Savannah says looking back she should have seen the signs. Her boyfriend became increasingly controlling – constantly checking in on her while she was a school, questioning why she returned home 15 minutes late. Then with his increased drinking, the abuse turned physical. Finally after two children and years of abuse, Savannah decided she’d had enough. She knew she had to be an example for her girls, 5-year-old Olive and 4 year-old Elvis. When she walked out of that abusive relationship she had just $50 and no job. Savannah and her kids lived out of their car for a while. They were also able to rent a room from a friend for about six months, but Savannah knew that wasn’t a long-term solution. A friend told Savannah about Warren Village and she applied. After being on the waiting list for six months she was able to move in. “The people at Warren Village are amazing, both the staff and the residents.” Savannah talks about how empowering it is to get to know people who are in similar circumstances. The life skills classes were great, I loved going to them – it didn’t feel like a requirement. The tools you learn in the parenting class are so helpful.” It was also good for my children to understand there are other single-parent families they aren’t alone.” Savannah is currently working two part-time jobs and studying for her degree in Cultural Anthropology. She loves going to school, loves learning. When she completes her degree she hopes to teach and continue going to school for her Masters.
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