Sophia’s Story

Soon after the birth of their second child, Sophia’s husband was diagnosed with schizophrenia. As a result he lost his job and was only able to work sporadically. The financial pressures became even greater after Sophia and her children were hit by a drunk driver. While trying to recover physically and financially, Sophia realized she had to make a change to be able to provide for her family. Although Sophia desperately wanted to support her husband and keep the family together, her husband was unwilling to get the proper treatment. Hoping to find support and build relationships with her brother and extended family in Denver, she picked up and moved with her children from Florida. Although life was not easy, Sophia was surviving; working full-time and living with her children in a one bedroom apartment in Denver. At work, she was doing well, moving up in the company and making a decent living. But working 60 plus hours a week, often at night, with three young children was taking its toll. At the same time, Sophia was still trying to help her estranged husband, who was traveling back and forth between Florida and Colorado to visit the family. However, the symptoms of his schizophrenia were escalating and his unpredictable behavior frightened her and her children. Soon the pressures became too much. Sophia was forced to take a leave of absence from her job and that’s when she found Warren Village. After six months on the waiting list, she and her children moved in to one of the three bedroom apartments in January of this year. Sophia knew she was in the right place when her son shared with her, “This is the safest I’ve ever felt.” Now settled in to their new home, Sophia regularly attends the evening life skills classes provided by Warren Village including one called How to be a Healthy Survivor. In it she has learned that sometimes you have to slow down and take care of yourself. Sophia shares, “I am working on figuring out my emotional issues and showing my children how to deal with their feelings as well. As a family unit we are doing a lot better.” Sophia is currently attending Metro State University as a full-time student studying to become a math teacher. She also works a part-time work study job. Although her life is still busy, Sophia says, “Living at Warren Village is an opportunity for a fresh start. I now have an opportunity to think about my future and be a good student. Before I was surviving and now I can live my life.”
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