Volunteer Spotlight – Mariah Frias

(April 19, 2019) – At Warren Village, we are lucky to have a group of incredible volunteers to support our staff. Mariah Frias is one of those invaluable interns that we have the pleasure of working with this semester. She discovered Warren Village through her Counseling Psychology professor at Johnson & Wales University, here in Denver. Since Mariah plans to continue her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in social work or counseling, Warren Village was the perfect fit for her school internship.

Building Rapport

Since joining us, Mariah has played an active role in our Evening Child Care and Kids Club, which is an after-school program for resident kids ages 7 and up. Mariah’s favorite part about Kids Club is getting to know the kids better through the various activities. On one particularly fun teen night at the park she says they “were all laughing and just ended up talking and I now have a rapport with these kids who came and I am grateful for it.”

Building a Foundation for the Future

Mariah also appreciates the opportunity to learn from the wide array of diverse cultures housed within Warren Village. As a part of her internship, Mariah assists our Family Advocates with resident applications. Through her experience Mariah has, “learned how to have more patience when helping others.” A valuable lesson that will certainly help her throughout her career. As Mariah said, “I have met and worked with so many people from different cultures and from different areas of the world. This opportunity has been so positive and I know it will help me in the future.”

Thank you Mariah, for everything you do!

Interested in becoming an intern? Contact careers@warrenvillage.org and watch our careers page for exciting opportunities!


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