New Initiative Promotes Healthy Mind and Body

(February 22, 2017) – Lasting and long-term personal and economic self-sufficiency requires both a healthy mind and body. That is why Warren Village has launched a new Wellness Initiative focused on all aspects of healthy living as a way to achieve long-term self-sufficiency for their residents. This new initiative encompasses existing programming, as well as new offerings for the residents of Warren Village, and focuses on four key elements of “wellness:” 1) Physical Well-being, 2) Psychological Well-being, 3) Social Well-being and 4) Financial Well-being. All of these elements are interconnected, and each contributes to (or detracts from) healthy living. When considered together, these elements improve the quality of outcomes achieved by Warren Village families.

The four main components of the Wellness Initiative are VitalU, Individual Wellness Plans, Mental Health Services and Village Wellness. Many of these elements are existing offerings for Warren Village residents, with the new elements being Individualized Wellness Plans and VitalU – a series of seven facilitated classes that introduce Warren Village families to basic skills in each of the four elements of wellness. With an emphasis on developing positive coping skills and social support through skills training and psycho-educational experiences, VitalU will be a requirement of Warren Village residents as stated in all new leases beginning in April 2017, and will also be available to existing residents.

“We created the Wellness Initiative to provide needed support and resources to our residents. For many years we saw how external factors impacted our residents’ ability to achieve true long-term self-sufficiency. Without the tools to establish a balanced whole self physically, mentally, socially and financially, the single parents we serve were struggling to achieve the goals we know they have the potential to achieve,” stated Ethan Hemming, president & CEO of Warren Village.

The Wellness Initiative is rooted in best practices and is a direct response to the challenges faced as a result of moving from poverty to self-sufficiency due to the current economic and housing conditions in metro Denver. As a result of this new framework, Warren Village families will be better equipped to sustain the successes they achieve through the Warren Village programs.

As stated by Elyse Montgomery, Warren Village Director of Family Services, “To be fully self-sufficient is an integration of mind and body. It’s not just about the money or just about one piece of the struggle – it’s about the whole picture contributing to the end goal.”

Warren Village will fully launch the new Wellness Initiative in April 2017, with all new residents participating in VitalU, and all new and existing residents benefiting from the enhanced programming that will center on the four key elements of healthy mind and body.

For more information watch this video about Precious and the Wellness Initiative:

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